Liberty Fabric Flower Tutorial


This pretty flower hairclip is an ideal project for using up those leftover scraps of luxury fabrics you just can't bear to throw away!

You will need:

A piece of Liberty cotton lawn fabric approx 30cm x 20cm
A small piece of felt
A small pin curl clip
Thread + needle

Step One

Cut out 6 circles in your chosen fabric (8cm diameter)

Step Two


Fold each circle in half and press.

Step Three

Thread a needle, match up the thread ends and tie a double knot. Then sew a small running stitch along the curved edge of the first piece of folded fabric.

Step Four

Pull up the thread then repeat step 3 on the other 5 pieces on one continuous thread, gathering each petal as it is finished. 


Step Five

When all 6 petals are gathered on, pull the thread tight and sew in the middle to bring the petals together and secure the thread.

Step Six

Chose a little vintage button and sew it to the centre of the flower


Step Seven

Sew a circle of felt to the back of the flower using a running stitch and then sew or glue a clip onto the felt


Please share your pictures with us so we can see your creations!  Love Sue x

Eva (my youngest daughter) in hers. 


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